Learn to Shoot Better and Easy Travel Videos with the SEL20F18G

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Anyone can make a travel video. After all, it’s just pointing, shooting and hoping for the best, right? 

While that may be the case for some, there’s more to travel video-making than meets the eye. In this video, The Travel Intern has collaborated with Sony to offer a range of useful tips to take travel videos to new heights with the FE 20mm F1.8 G (SEL20F18G)

Embracing travel videography

Snapshots are fantastic for freezing an epic moment. On the other hand, videos add movement, dialogue and facial expressions to make a moment more dynamic. 

Travel adventures are of colourful experiences, whether it is hiking up a rocky hill or tucking into exotic delicacies. Videos are probably the best way to capture and relive these spirited moments. 

Travelling with the SEL20F18G

The Travel Intern helps you get acquainted with the SEL20F18G by covering three categories in travel videography: Street, Vlog and Night. Steered by these headers, they elaborate on their shooting tips for enhancing travel videos, while shedding light on what makes the lens a fantastic travel buddy. 

A peek into The Travel Intern’s shooting process 

You are urged to give The Travel Intern’s video tutorial your attention. In it, you will be exposed to a whole spectrum of shooting tips to enhance your travel videos. The tips are complemented by SEL20F18G’s innovative features. 

For starters, The Travel Intern touches on both technical and creative areas for better vlogs. Spotlighted is the SEL20F18G’s wide-angle 20 mm focal length, where it puts the subject in the right amount of bokeh, while still showcasing the beautiful surroundings. The focus switch between subject and background is quick too, thanks to the lens’ fast focus capability. That’s not all; the 5-axis stabilization also ensures that vlogging footage is shake-free, even without the use of a gimbal.

When talking about street shots, the SEL20F18G’s wide-angle lens is perfect for establishing shots, where a single frame can encompass a wealth of details in 4K quality. Furthermore, the lens’ manual aperture ring and linear focusing play a key factor in capturing stunning imagery. The Travel Intern demonstrates in the video how the aperture ring is easy and fast to change for making adjustments to the depth of field.

Lastly, the video depicts how The Travel Intern effortlessly carries out their shoots from day to night with the SEL20F18G. They also offer a peek into what’s in their camera bag. One thing’s for sure – the compact and lightweight design of the SEL20F18G has truly made travel videography immensely convenient.

It’s now your turn

Travel videos are a fantastic way to share your stories about your trip, be it on land or sea, with your loved ones and friends. And as The Travel Intern said, anyone can make a travel video. Before you start shooting one, watch their tutorial to fully discover how you can make the best travel video with the SEL20F18G.

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