Capturing the heart of urban life with Aiksoon and the Alpha 7 IV

A freelance photographer based in Singapore, Aiksoon has worked with many brands in the past six years, including the likes of Sony, Adidas and G-Shock. This exposure has given Aiksoon various opportunities to express his creative vision and explore more than one way to shoot a product.


Being a freelance photographer, Aiksoon tends to work independently or in a very small team. As such, he relies heavily on hybrid cameras to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Not only is the Alpha 7 IV able to keep up with Aiksoon’s fast pace of work, its upgraded hybrid shooting capabilities also provide Aiksoon with all the assistance he needs to nail the perfect shot.

by Aik Soon

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An all-new dynamic imaging experience

Being a photographer who enjoys chasing down every action, Aiksoon used the Alpha 7 IV to capture dynamic and action-packed shots of a longboarder performing aerial stunts. Since action shots require Aiksoon to shoot quickly, the new and improved Real-time Tracking with 759 Phase Detection AF points helped Aiksoon to capture his moving subject in razor-sharp focus. The Alpha 7 IV’s ‘Active Mode’ optical image stabilisation for handheld 4K movie shooting provided support for Aiksoon when he was filming the longboarder in motion, stabilising his footage even in situations without gimbal.

Alpha 7 IV | FE 24mm F1.4 GM | F4 | 24mm | 1/4000s | ISO 160

When Aiksoon is photographing products or close-up shots of different scenes, he prefers to capture a fresher perspective by shooting from low angles. The Alpha 7 IV’s vari-angle LCD screen serves as a handy tool for him to compose his photos easily.

I don’t have to be rooted to my spot just to get the shots I want. I can be mobile, walking with light steps and following my subject while looking at the vari-angle screen to get the shots I envisioned.

Picture perfect portraits

Part of Aiksoon’s job as photographer involves getting models to strike as many poses as they can, so that he can capture their profiles from different angles. The Alpha 7 IV is the perfect companion for Aiksoon in this aspect, as Real-time Eye AF allows him to focus on his model easily even when they shift around between shots.

Sometimes, a model would move further away from the camera for more room to strike a pose. This is no issue for Aiksoon and the Alpha 7 IV. Built with a 33MP image sensor, the camera enables Aiksoon to capture sharp facial and product details in incredible resolution from afar, without losing much detail even after the image is cropped.

Alpha 7 IV | FE 35mm F1.4 GM | F2.8 | 35mm | 1/160s | ISO 800

With its high versatility and outstanding imaging capabilities, the Alpha 7 IV has proven itself to be a worthy companion for Aiksoon, being able to keep up with his fast pace of work and providing him with all the assistance he needs. Be it on commercial assignments or for his personal pursuits, the Alpha 7 IV has earned its place as Aiksoon’s handy go-to camera.

I like how the Alpha 7 IV gives me the ease of being able to craft the shots I want without having to worry too much about the technical aspects. This allows me to channel more of my attention into my creativity, so that I can shoot from fresh angles to highlight both the model and the products in refreshing perspectives.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of Aiksoon. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Sony
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