Jonathan Chong
About Me

JC Studio Films is an international award-winning wedding and event cinematography team. They were recently regarded as Top 10 Videographers of the Year by AWPA.

Established in 2010, their journey began with photography. Their photography evolved through motion pictures, which made them one of the best cinematographers today. They take their craft seriously and are constantly evolving through innovation and most importantly, with passion. Relying on raw emotions, they deliver timeless stories in creative ways for each of their clients.

When they are not shooting weddings, they also cover product launch videos, promotional videos and events. They have worked with multiple well-established companies such as Mont Blanc, Bayer, Dragon-I and more.

For the past year, they have organised talks and workshops in universities and in public. They are always excited to share their knowledge and passion with the world. While helping others to grow, they believe that they are learning and growing themselves as well.


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