Dusit Semangeon
About Me

Dusit Sema-nguen is a photographer turned videographer. When he discovered that digital still cameras had the capability to record video, he experimented with the format and found that motion pictures could convey ideas and perspectives that still pictures could never do.

"Each person who sees the same event sees it differently. Some may feel sad, another may react passively and someone else may feel angry. Videos give me the opportunity to put my perspective and feelings to the job. I have many tools to enhance the video experience, adding elements like music, subtitles, animations and color grading to bring out the emotions in a scene and keep the audience engaged.”

People began to take note of Dusit’s work online when he started documenting major historical events in Thailand with his digital camera, recording both stills and video. Encouraged by his success, he decided to create World of Form, a video production company, together with Wannasingha Prasertkul and Pafhan Rachatakul. The company has since amassed an impressive portfolio of TV shows, documentaries, advertising and online programmes.

One example is Thai DNA - a programme that goes around the world to interview Thai people who are excelling in their field overseas. There's also Tapioca - a 3-part, 2-hour long documentary with meticulous production values that aims to make agricultural documentaries more interesting. World of Form’s online channel WOFWOF also features shorts like Changemakers and Examination, which features funny stories that relate to the stress of modern society, while giving a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of production crew.

After working hard on his work assignments that mainly involve the use of digital cameras, Dusit likes to relax by indulging in his hobby of film photography. Using vintage cameras ranging from 20 to 70 years old, he finds new inspiration to refine and improve his skills.

He never forgets to carry a digital camera with him, shooting and grading videos with slog for his portfolio alongside still photos. He remains convinced that videos are the best way to help him convey his stories and emotions to his audience.


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