Cheng Chang Kuo
About Me

As a master of photography, Cheng Chang Kuo has the power to capture the essence of a person. Besides having taken part in still photo shoots for films such as "Hear Me", "The Most Distant Course" and "Crystal Boys" as a well-known stills photographer, he dabbles in other industries as well. His work covers a range from advertisements, still photography for movies, TV and film to shooting humanitarian documentaries. Having graduated in Radio, TV and Film at Shi-Hsin University, Guo developed his own aesthetic tastes among more classical works. He ended up going down the path to becoming a professional stills photographer. He then developed a style of photography of portraying emotion through movement of light and shadow while maintaining a strong humanistic quality. In his life he broadened his mind through travel, and the sense of beauty within his photography became integrated as a part of himself. He has even demonstrated his talents at what some consider to be the biggest photography contest in Europe, the PX3 photography competition in Paris, France and, in doing so, putting Taiwan into the spotlight.


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